Skullacular is known to pose as a sardonic and stoic individual, often insulting others for their faults without realizing his own. However, he has been known to show a comedic and goofy side, although these are rare occurrences. He usually stays withing the boundaries of the Flood, and rarely ventures out into the other forums. In the rare occasion that he does, it was usually to point a problem of concern to the website administrators or to assist others with their current situations. A rare few know of him very well, and it is verly unlikely that they will tell anyone the truth.


Join DateEdit

Skulltacular became a member of on March 14, 2010. He claims however, that he is on an alternate account, and merely created the account to escape the horrors of his blacklists from his original account. This may lead one to assume that he was either banned multiple times, or he was banned usually for stupid reasons, like everyone else who was banned claims. Witnesses have stated that they have seen Skulltacular banned for replying to spam and troll threads, and at one time, intentionally posting in the wrong forum. It is unknown if these claims are true. Ironically, he aspires to receive the Honorable member title prefix. This dream has now been forgotten, and now he wishes receive the Intepid and later Fabled member title prefix.

Known Alternate AccountsEdit

  • Mister Taco
  • A Fish
  • AbsentHLG

It is unknown whether or not he gave up on using these alternate accounts or simply uses them to escape blacklists. According the last post dates of the aforementioned accounts, it seems he has not used them for quite some time.


Skulltacular has claimed that his true and only Xbox Live Gamertag is Canadinade. He has stated to those that have trouble pronouncing it, that it is pronounced can-nade-ee-nade (Note that it is easy to remember the two "nades" in his name).

He states that he will be purchasing a PS3 soon.


It is unknown whether or not that he possesses any friends of some sort, though it is known that he maintains some friendly relationships with various members of his group, UNSC Leviathan.


  • UNSC Leviathan
  • UNSC Levi Moderation
  • Waaahmbulance
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